Where do your fees go?

If you’ve ever wondered where you fees go when you register for Little Athletics then wonder no more!

Of the club fees you pay $100 goes to Athletics West for insurance purposes and Athletics West running costs.

$75 goes to the running of SDLAC. The balance of your registration fees are club dependent and goes to the provision of club related activities, awards, trophies etc.

SDLAC Registration Fee Exemption

For returning members, did you know the following?

SDLAC offers an exemption of the SDLAC fee component of the 2022/2023 registration fee for those athletes who have represented WA in the prior season.

As per By-Law 30 a) of the Southern Districts Little Athletics Centre Inc. By-Laws June 2019:

“…To athletes who have represented WA in national and/or international, LAWA sanctioned events. i.e. ALAC, Malaysia Tours or as organised by LAWA;

  1. In these cases, athletes will not be charged the SDLAC fee component for the following SDLAC season. Athletes will be charged the LAWA and Club fee components..”

Note this does not apply to those athletes who have been invited to participate in Development Squads.

For the 2022/23 Season, the SDLAC fee component is $75.

The family can apply for reimbursement of the SDLAC component by completing the attached SDLAC Registration Fee Exemption Form.   This form is to be completed by the parent and endorsed by you, the Club President.

 SDLAC Registration Fee Exemption Form

Completed forms are then to be sent to sdlac.treasurer@gmail.com.