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Latest News: Wednesday, 8 February 2017
State Multi Results

Congratulations to all SDLAC athletes that competed at the WA State Multis on Saturday & Sunday. A huge congratulations to TEYA SAVILLE who broke the WA STATE RECORD in JAVELIN with all THREE throws and on her third and final throw Teya launch it out to a massive 46.25m which broke the AUSTRALIAN BEST PERFORMANCE (ABP). For those of you who don’t know what ABP means. It means Teya has recorded the best javelin throw in Australia for that age group.

Below are some outstanding results.

Sophia Millar Under 11 Girls 6th 1,827pts

200m: 31.98 Shot Put: 7.17m 60mh: 12.13 Long Jump: 3.60m 800m: 2:42.72

Grace Beaglehole Under 12 Girls 6th 1,899pts

200m: 31.20 60mh: 11.93 Shot Put: 7.06m Long Jump: 3.99m 800m: 2:50.5

Tori Moss Under 13 Girls BRONZE 2,495pts

200m: 28.24 80mh: 13.67 Long Jump: 4.45m Shot Put: 6.65m 800m: 2:41.4




Teya Saville Under 14 Girls BRONZE 3,651pts

80mh: 15.12 Shot Put: 8.27m Long Jump: 4.31m 200m: 28.52

High Jump: 1.30m Javelin: 46.25m 800m: 2:33.82



Abby Parker Under 14 Girls 4th 3,440pts

80mh: 14.02 Shot Put: 7.69m Long Jump: 4.41m 200m: 26.65

High Jump: 1.36m Javelin: 26.33m 800m: 2:47.59



Hollie Weston Under 16 Girls SILVER 3,990pts

90mh: 14.67 High Jump: 1.61m Shot Put: 7.60m 200m: 27.49

Long Jump: 4.77m Javelin: 18.61m 800m: 2:42.02

Jennis Joy Under 13 Boys 4th 1,673pts

100m: 13.78 Discus: 22.03m 80mh: 14.74 Long Jump: 4.46m 800m: 2:29.37

Thomas Stubbs Under 13 Boys 7th 1,501pts

100m: 14.69 Discus: 26.76m 80mh: 14.26 Long Jump: 4.33m 800m: 2:47.69

Bailey Dawson Under 16 Boys GOLD 4,489pts

100m: 11.73 Long Jump: 6.07m Discus: 49.26m

100mh: 13.93 High Jump: 1.51m Javelin: 38.05m 1500m: 4:41.08

Luke Parker Under 16 Boys SILVER 4,450pts

100m: 12.57 Long Jump: 6.21m Discus: 40.34m

100mh: 15.18 High Jump: 1.93m Javelin: 52.63m 1500m: 5:02.39


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