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Latest News: Sunday, 18 October 2015
Record Breakers

Attention Club Managers

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Week 8 Records

Bill & Betty Results

Week 6 Records

On the 14th of Novermber 5 records were broken. Congratulations to all athletes.

MJ Jansen van Rensburg  in the under 16 boys who broke the 1500m record. The old 1500m record was held by D. McDowell with a time of 4:17.70 back in 2002, the new record now stands at 4:16.82


MJ Jansen van Rensburg

Troy Warner in the under 6 boys broke the 200m record and equaled the 70m. The old 200m record was held by Max Noble with a time of  last season, the new record now stands at 40.45 and Troy also equaled the 70m record later that day with a time of 13.49.

Alexandra Griffin in the under 11 girls put on a dominate performance to break the 17 year old 1100m walk record. The old walk  record was held by S. Cobby  with a time of 5:30.50 back in 1998, the new record now stands at 5:19.22

Ifeanyichukwu Okiwelu in the under 11 boys broke the 34 year old 200m record. The old 200m record was held by W.Caon with a time of 27.10  back in 1981, the new record now stands at 26.77


November Athletes Of the Month

Congratulations too Jacqueline Pivac & Declan Tingay on being Novembers Athletes of the month.

Week 5 Records

Congratulations to Jessica she has increased her discus record by 12 centimeters. Her record now stands at 39.58m, also last weekend she increased her shot put record by 47 centimeters her record stands at 13.64m.

Also keep an eye out on the Under 15 boys javelin Conor McPartland and Luke Parker have been battling it out for this new record as the weight of their javelin has increased and its now inaugural record. Conor holds the record at the moment, but it’s going to be a close battle till March 2016.

Congratulations to Sarah Burton she broke the Under 13 Girls high jump record on the 24th October with a jump of 1.62cm. Sarah also holds the Under 9 400m, high jump, Under 11 high jump  and Under 12 high jump records.

The old high jump record was held by Poppy Schwass with a jump of 1.61cm back in 2007, the new record now stands at 1.62cm.


Teya Saville & High Jump Record Holder Sarah Burton

Week 4 Records 

Congratulations to Jessica Siviour, Jacqueline Pivac and Declan Tingay. These three under 17 athletes have placed themselves in the Southern Stars Record books. On Saturday the 17th of October Jacqueline broke the first record of the day in the high jump clearing the record by 9cm, then Declan broke the 1500m walk record by 47 seconds and to finish it off Jessica broke the Discus record by 6 meters. Jessica now holds Under 15, 16 & 17 discus records and the under 16 & 17 shot put records as well.

The old high jump record was held by A. Doig with a jump of 1.61cm back in 2008, the new record now stands at 1.70cm.

The old 1500m walk record was held by J. Shore with a time of 6:56.47 from last season, the new record stands at 6:09.31.

The old discus record was held by P. Keeley with a distance of 33.75m back in 2007, the new record stands at 39.46m



DECLAN TINGAY                                                          JESSICA SIVIOUR                              JACQUELINE PIVAC

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