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Latest News: Wednesday, 24 February 2021
SDLAC Centre Champs Event Exemption Information:

Please find attached the exemption request form for an athlete to compete at centre championships.

Athletes qualify for an event at Centre Championships by competing in THAT event in the current season, at least one (1) time prior to the weekend of the Centre Championships, regardless of whether they have successfully completed THAT event or not. This applies to all age groups competing at SDLAC. Athletes may qualify for as many events at Centre Championships as their respective age group allows. 

Please note the requirement for the exemption request to be approved/endorsed by the relevant club committee before being submitted to SDLAC for consideration. The chairperson doesn’t want SDLAC to be considering applications where the club itself does not endorse the request first. These forms must be lodged by the 2nd of March at the absolute latest anything after will not be accepted.


SDLAC Centre Championship Exemption request form

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