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Latest News: Monday, 2 May 2016
Winter Update



Under 7′s

Jayda Barnes Bronze & Conor Shelby 14th

Under 8′s

Lauren Kelly 7th, Sam Szczepaniak 21st & Jayden Williams 22nd

Under 9′s

Courtney Shelby 4th, Ryan Cilia 16th, Blake Peckham 19th, Jack Szczepaniak 33rd, Lucas Madaffori 35th & Caiden Kearly 37th

Under 10′s

Scarlett Barnes Bronze, Amber Richards 15th, Sophia Millar DNF & Levi Carle 27th

Under 11′s

Alexandra Griffin 5th, Grace beaglehole 16th, Rebecca Benstead 33rd, Jayden Moss 15th & Matthew Donovan 26th

Under 12′s

Tori Moss 9th, Jade Patching 21st, Myka Richards 25th, Aliya Carle 26th & Benjamin Stoner 17th

Under 13′s

Eliza Griffin 5th, Ineke Greyling 11th &  Carly Pizzuto 13th

Under 14′s

Abbey Cilia 8th & Jaco Jansen van Rensburg Gold

Under 15′s

Trent Siviour 5th & Dion Carle 7th

Under 16′s

Tanisha Cayley Silver & MJ Jansen van Rensburg Gold

IMG_7423  IMG_7406  IMG_7394

IMG_7407  IMG_7431  IMG_7430

IMG_7432  IMG_7391  IMG_7389


Under 7 Boys Conor Shelby Silver

Under 8 Boys Jayden Williams Silver

Under 9 Boys Ryan Cilia Gold

Under 15 Boys Trent Siviour Bronze

Under 9 Girls Courtney Shelby 4th

Under 10 Girls Amber Richards Silver

Under 11 Girls Alexandra Griffin Gold

Under 11 Girls Kristine Wells 6th

Under 11 Girls Grace Beaglehole 7th

Under 12 Girls Myka Richards 5th

Under 13 Girls Eliza Griffin Bronze

Under 14 Girls Abbey Cilia 4th

Under 17 Girls Jessica Siviour Bronze


IMG_7370  IMG_7374

IMG_7421  IMG_7422  IMG_7420

Winter Competition:


This week, the Roadwalking will be at Maddington Shopping Centre carpark, adjacent to Burslem Drive. (Fingers crossed for the rain clearing up in the morning).


On 16th July, the Cross Country will be hosted by UWA at Perry Lakes, off Perry Lakes Drive, Floreat.  Families are asked to park within the Perry Lakes area and not in the adjacent Bold Park Reserve.


On 23rd July, the Roadwalking will be at Araluen Botanic Park off Croyden Road in Roleystone, hosted by Dale LAC.  Dale LAC have arranged for free entry for athletes and their families which will be gained by showing the athletes bib number.  As entry has been waived, families are asked to support the cafes in the park.

Tomorrow’s Cross Country is at the Murray Regional Equestrian Centre in Murray Street, Coolup. Please PARK on hard limestone parking areas in the first instance, if full then park on the grassed areas. There is also a polling place in Murray Street if you need to vote while you are down there.



ATTENTION ALL SOUTH PERTH ATHLETES. Your new website is up and running. CLICK HERE to view it.


On Saturday 25th June the walk  competition venue has been changed. It’s now at the South Metropolitan Tafe – Balga Campus (Cnr Elstead Way & Loxwood Road BALGA 6061)  same venue as the second walk venue.


CONGRATULATIONS to the following athletes that made the WA School Sport Cross Country Team. These 5 athletes will represent WA in August at the Australian Cross Country Championships.

Alexandra Griffin Gold 3000m 12:10

Hayley Jones Silver 3000m 12:28

Sophia Millar Silver 2000m 8:40

Eliza Griffin Bronze 3000m 11:54

Jaco Jansen van Rensburg Gold 4000m 14:14

Also a big congratulations to the following athletes on their performance:

Scarlett Barnes 6th 2000m 9:11

Astrid Johnson 5th 4000m 16:49

Tanisha Cayley 8th 4000m 16:46

Bailey Dawson 30th 4000m 16:04


Myka Richards (2) Ryan Cilia and Connor Shelby (3)  U13-U17 girls startline (2)U13-U17 Girls (2) U7-U9 boys startline (2) Emily Pivac (2) Emily Pivac Grace Beaglehole Kristine Wells (3)

Abbey Cillia Alexandria Griffin and Myka Richards (2) Amber Richards (2) Courtney Shelby Eliza Griffin




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