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Tuesday, 12 February 2019
A hot twilight and 2 broken records!


Hi everyone,


Well our last competition before Championships was a hot one!  Later on the night it became quite a pleasant twilight weather wise though which was a relief.

Next weekend we will have our Centre Championships which will take place over the Saturday and the Sunday.  Weather forecast is for  a balmy 27/28 degrees, we’ll take it!!



On Saturday night, not only was the heat around us but on the track too! Tori Moss broke another record..U16, 300m Hurdles in a snap 45.90 sec. The old record was 47.79 sec. That girl just doesn’t stop! Awesome Tori! Just wondering is there a record for how many records you can break in one season…she’s gotta be sooo close! Proud of you Tori!

Blake Pritchard is going out with a bang too!! On Saturday night, he Blake Pritchard broke the record in the U17M 300m hurdles running it in 39.69sec. The old record was 40.73. What a way to finish a season….with a broken record.. i think the skirt was removed for that one and the serious hat went on. Super proud of you Blake, super guy on and off the track…well done!



Here they are, our two Age Groups of the Week, U8 girls and U8 boys…. fair to say that our U8 boys could be our most energetic and active out on the track!




Our U17 girls and boys had a great last comp day dressing up in their tutus.  Unfortunately last Saturday we didn’t see the parade but rest assure it will take place next weekend!

They look gorgeous!





Don’t forget to RSVP for the Windup on Saturday 16 March, events@sdlac.org.au

Enjoy your week,


Monday, 28 January 2019
Another record broken!


Hello everyone,


We spent last Friday night on the track for our first twilight of the season..huge thank you to Louisa for doing a fantastic job on announcing along with her trusty assistant Andrea by getting us all in and out in a timely manner, we thank you!



Congratulations to Emily Pink in U7’s from South Perth for breaking the record in Vortex! The old record was 12.29m and Emily’s new record is 12.78m. Well done Emily, super effort!



Our U14 girls and boys are our Age Groups of the Week this week.  Two delightful age groups with a tonne of athletic ability.



Please see the attached link on the information needed for Multis.


Information will include…

  • DRAFT 2019 Program with Call Room Times
  • Event Information Booklet
  • DRAFT Venue Map
  • LAWA 2018 – 2019 Rules of Competition

Remember, there will be no normal athletics the weekend of the 2nd and 3rd of February.  Our next meet is on Saturday the 9th of February, its a twilight at 3pm!



Please see below the invitation to the Southern Districts Wind Up.  Please email me at events@sdlac.org.au to let me know how many adults and how many children will be attending along with the club you are from.

Sure to be a great night, don’t miss it!



All the best to the athletes competing at State Multis.



Wednesday, 23 January 2019
Boy was it a hot one!


Hi folks,


Well it certainly was a hot one on Saturday!  But it looks like all and sundry were ready for it! I would like to shout out to all those who volunteer to help out even when they are not on duty.  Very good of those people and it doesn’t go unnoticed thats for sure!  Huge thanks!



Both our U15 girls and boys age groups took it out this week.  Great bunch they both are!


Just wanted to let everyone know that Graham Griffin will be there on Friday night selling Southern District shirts and singlets.  $45 each.  PLEASE BRING CASH ONLY.  Graham will be on duty however there will be an announcement when he will be available to sell the shirts.

Our meet starts on Friday night this week at 5pm.

See you there,


Tuesday, 15 January 2019
We are back in full swing!!


Welcome back ! We hope you enjoyed your Christmas and New Year festivities and are in full swing for the back side of the season!

Age Groups of the Week

Our U/9 girls and boys have both nailed it this week.

Look at these amazing U/9 girls!!

And now our U/9 boys… a super troup!



We have a mountain of events coming up including…

  • Friday 25 January – Centre twilight at 5pm at Ern Clark (Programme 4)
  • Saturday 2 February – Dale Multis
  • Saturday 2 February – State Multi Championships
  • Sunday 2 February – State Multi Championships
  • Saturday 9 February – Centre twilight at 3pm at Ern Clark ( Programme 5)
  • Saturday 16 February – SDLAC Championships Day 1
  • Sunday 17 February – SDLAC Championships Day 2
  • Saturday 23 February – Zone Finals
  • Sunday 24 February – Zone Finals
  • Friday 8 March – State Championships
  • Saturday 9 March – State Championships
  • Sunday 10 March – State Championships
  • Saturday 16 March – Centre end of season wind up

See you on the track!

Hayley Shelby


Saturday, 29 December 2018

Our extremely talented Alexandra Griffin has definitely made some prints around Australia with her Road Walking achievements in the past year and it gives me great pleasure and pride to share them with you.

Ali is currently in the U14 age group. Her achievements this year began in March of 2018 in Sydney on the track. Ali entered the National Athletic Championships through Athletics Australia and won both the U14 and U15 age group 3km Walks. She broke the State Record for the U14 age group and currently holds the U14 Australian National Record. If that wasn’t going to be enough to blow your socks off in April 2018 Ali participated in the Little Athletics Australian Championships 1500m Walk and came 2nd in her U13 age group and broke the state record. Outstanding achievement in itself but it doesn’t stop there. In August of 2018 Ali competed in the National Road Walking Championships through Athletics Australia on the Sunshine Coast. Ali came 1st in the 3km Walk sailing through with a time of 14 minutes and 18 seconds which was a PB for Ali. From all reports the race was very close. Ali and her arch rival were neck and neck nearly all the way, the suspense of who would win was riding high, when Ali’s pure determination got her across the line in first place. Just goes to show that Ali had the package of fitness, technique and mental presence to be the best in Australia in the U14 age group. How proud we are of you Ali. Your results are a reflection of your hard work and dedication and we are proud that you are from Southern Districts. Keep doing what you’re doing! Its working! I share with you Ali and Australian Roadwalk Champion Dane Bird-Smith…


Monday, 17 December 2018

Hi folks,

What a fabulous last comp of the season it was last Saturday.  Thank you to all those who went to an effort to dress up.  You looked great!  Thank you to those parents who went in the events and dressed up as well,  fabulous effort.  Huge thanks to Rob Mellor for organsing the fund raiser for the Perth Childrens Hospital too, a very good cause indeed.


South Perth’s U16 superstar Eliza Griffin broke her own record last Saturday, the 15th of December. Her old record was 5.03.84. Eliza smashed it and now the new record stands at 4.58.52. Love your work Eliza, keep it up!

This week we have two Age Groups of the Week. Our first one goes to our  U6 girls looking Super Duper Cute, we just can’t get enough!
…. and the other Age Group of the Week is our gorgeous U7 girls, here they are at discus, as happy as could be!

Folks just letting you know the schedule for the new year….get your diary out!

Saturday 12 January 2019 – 7.30am we return

Saturday 19 January 2019 – 7.30am

Friday 25 January 2019 – 5.00pm start, Twilight

Saturday 2 February 2019 – NO COMPETITION AT SOUTHERN DISTRICTS, however there is a competition at Dale which you can register with on ResultsHQ for any age group and that weekend is the State Combined Event for U11 age group and up. Also register with ResultsHQ

Saturday 9 February – 3.00pm Twiilight

Saturday and Sunday 16 & 17 February – Southern District Championships

The Executive Committee Members would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a beautiful Christmas with a very healthy and happy New Year to come.
Best wishes,
Monday, 10 December 2018
A State Record Broken – Teya Saville

Hello everyone,

This Saturday marks our last competition for the year, we are up to Program 1 of our last 5 programs before Championships next year.  Please keep an eye out on Facebook and our Website for updated information.

On another note, we have another broken record and its huge!



Our super talented U16 athlete, Teya Saville, broke the little Athletics WA State Record at State Relays. Teya threw an amazing 45.09 metre throw which for a 15 year old student, is an absolutely brilliant throw. But throws like that come with practice and i was able to capture Teya at training with her dedicated and very effective coach Kimberley Bodini. The pair have been a team for a few good years now and one could say, its a “winning formula”.

Teya’s record will be acknowledged in the Southern Districts Records along with the State Little Athletics.

Congratulations Teya! We are so proud of you!




Another talented lady is our Tori Moss, Tori broke a record in the 300m hurdles last Saturday.  The old record was 49.95 seconds.  Tori smashed it with a record of 47.81.  Tori your a gun!  Well done and keep up the stunning performances.  You are a pleasure to watch!



Folks its a big day this Saturday, let me tell you why!  We have the magical man in red making a visit so please let your kiddies know to keep an eye out!

We also have  a free dress day for the kiddies. Clothing needs to be appropriate for competing and rego number, age group and Coles badge must be visible. If you are dressing up a gold coin donation will be required.

Parents the fun does not stop with the kids, we will be having the parents events again, 100m, 800m and Long Jump. These events will have a $5 entry for each one. Please register at the canteen. Start stretching now!!
All proceeds will go the Perth Childrens Hospital.
Well hello! What is happening here with the U10 girls, did they really ask if they can pose in disco style??,ok i said, if you REALLY want to…I seriously had nothing to do with it at all…🤭 Presenting the Age Group of the Week… the gorgeous U10 girls….😀
See you on the track!
Tuesday, 4 December 2018
State Field and Track Results and Age Group of the Week


Hello everyone,


What a whirlwind it was that took place on Saturday…..literally!  That wind was amazing how it just shot through the middle of the track and uprooted the tents.  It was amazing, I hope no one got hurt in that event! Thanks to all those that pitched in to rectify the situation back to normality.

It was a huge weekend last weekend with the Championships and our normal Competition being back to back.  We hope everyone got through it and are recovering for next Saturdays competition.



A massive congratulations to everyone who participated in the State Track and Field Championships last weekend.  Fantastic results were had and a lot of PB’s took place. Gallant effort by all.

Please see below for the link to the Results from these Championships.


Below is a list of our medal winners from the State Track and Field Championships.  Congratulations to all of you!


U17 girls 400m

U9 girls 200m

U9 girls 100m

U11 girls 100m

U15 girls Field

U17 girls Field


U13 girls Field

U12 boys 100m


U14 boys 400m

U13 boys 100m


Age Group of the Week….those awesome U17s…Blake in mid flight as the rest of U17 boys cheer him on  in the back ground….love it!


Enjoy your week!
Monday, 26 November 2018
State Track and Field Relays this Saturday!


Hi Folks,

We have the State Track and Field Relays this weekend.  Please see below the link to the final timetable for next Saturday.


FINAL Time Table (Includes Call Room Opening & Departing Times) – UPDATED 21 November 2018


With the State Track and Field Relays on this Saturday the 1st, our regular Saturday competition is on Sunday the 2nd at 10.30am...😁



Our Age Group of the Week this week is our Under 12 boys…I’m not sure if all of you saw it but Kobe fell over in the hurdles and some of the boys in the race stopped mid race and helped him. Did not finish the race, their mate was more important. We love that. You boys are so thoughtful and caring. Was beautiful to watch. The race was re run and I believe Kobe is ok. But well done U12 boys, what great mateship!



See you on the track,



Tuesday, 20 November 2018
Broken Record at Bill & Betty’s & Age Group of the Week


Hello everyone,

Another big weekend at the track…


Broken Record at Bill & Betty’s

Huge Congratulations to our U17 Girls Track Relay team for breaking the Record at Bill & Betty’s on Sunday with a fabulous time of 4:08:91, the previous record was set by Melville in 2016 with 4:10:18. Our amazing U17 girls are Abbey Cilia, Tori Moss, Katie Mobilia and Eliza Griffin. They were on fire out there! We are proud of all 4 of you!

Well done also to all the athletes who competed at Bill & Betty’s, while it was a somewhat low key event with only 3 districts competing, that being Southern Districts, Melville and Rockingham, it was a great experience and they had a great time from all reports!

A big thank you to Zoe Richards for organizing this event.  A lot of hard work went into it.  I would also like to thank the many Executive Committee members who helped on that day as well.


BBQ, Photos and Training Session

Next Sunday, 25 November at 12 noon we will be holding our photo day, bbq and training opportunity for all our State Field and Track Relay kids. Jump and Throw sites will be open for training (with coaches on site) for members of field relay teams ONLY.


Age Group of the Week

Here they are, our Age Group of the Week, our U7 boys, sitting beautifully colouring in at Discus. I was Key Official at junior Discus last Saturday, and it dawned to me the night before, paper and textas, books and stickers, lets see how it goes. Well, it was a hit! Some of them didn’t want to leave the discus site, or were too entrenched in colouring in to throw a discus. They were chuffed to show me what they drew and i put an “A+” sticker on there for their super effort. I will be bringing the textas and paper down each week for Turbo and Junior discus..believe me it helps! Oh and i had them clean up after themselves for the next age group too. Well done U7 boys! (thank you to Brad Scott for taking the photo too)



See you on the track!  Enjoy your week,