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How to Nominate for Zones

  1.  Enter resultshq.com.au using your family username.  If you are unable to access this you will need to see your Club Manager, do not go the results room to get access.
  2. On the desktop version there is a green key with Nominations on it in the top right hand corner under the welcome.  Click on this.
  3. Once into this area, you will see a list of events that you can nominate for.  Click on the Zones date and your children will be listed and the events that they are nominating for.  You are then able to tick the box of each of the events that your child wants to nominate for.  If you nominate for more that the allowed number, you will see a red message next to the Child’s name.  At the bottom of the screen you will see a green SUBMIT button.  Click on this to ensure that your nomination was successful.

4. This does not give you an area to nominate for official duties.  You will need to get these at a later date with Officials Officer.

Winter Cross Country & Winter Walks

For more information about Cross Country please contact winter_runs@sdlac.org.au

For more information about Winter Walks please contact winter_walks@sdlac.org.au